"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Most Unusual Ornament

I realized today that  like most families, I have a very extensive ornament collection. And each one has a story, each has  it's own memory. But I got some whacko ornaments!!!! I never realized how weird some of them are. And probably the oddest is this little dog. This is also my sons favorite and has been since he was 3. Actually I think his grandmother gave it to him as a gift when he was a toddler , because he loves dogs so much. It has a little string between its legs. And you pull the string...

And he lifts his leg !!!!


I think am am a little late this year with the decorating. Just haven't been feeling it for some reason. It gets to be more trouble every year and this time I toyed with the idea of skipping the tree. I thought I might just hang a fresh wreath on the door and maybe some greenery on the mantle and call it a day. I think mainly because no one really cares but me. Everyone is so busy this time of year, got to go to this party and that, decorating their own homes and spending way to much time shopping. My grown son professes he doesn't care if we even have the tree. So I thought this year I might just go without. What stopped me was my fear of I didn't do it this year, that I would probably never go back to it again. And even though my only child is grown, and doesn't really need me anymore; I am not yet ready to give up being the one who"does Christmas" for him. I am the one who put the memories in his head that I hope some day he wants to replicate for his own children. So I have unpacked the memory box, and one by one I hung the memories on the tree. As I hang each one, I have tried to think of someone or thing that brings me joy. Each one is a blessing; and I have some very wonderful blessings!