"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

39. That he can laugh at the poop talk

Okay...if you can't tolerate bathroom talk, then leave now! If you are young and don't know what its like to need the bathroom NOW, meaning within the next 7 seconds, then you won't identify with this post. If you or someone you know hasn't had their gall bladder removed, then you need not read further. If you have never had a boyfriend who used the words upset tummy (and expected you to do the same) when he really meant gut wrenching involuntary bowel evacuation, then this won't amuse you. If you talk loud so no one else in the room (or across the room) will hear the gurgling sounds coming from your lower belly, then this will be a meaningless post. If you have never turned around and gone all the way back home in between errands, because your lunch has had a full 13 minutes to digst and is readyto show its face again, then you won't get this. And if you have never put a sticker on your butt that read "Danger Zone", then this probably isn't up your alley either. But if you have had gallstones (approx 70 % of women ....female, fat, fertile and forty, is the profile my doc gave me...gee thanks) and have had your gall bladder removed then you can probably relate. And you would really appreciate Larry. He doesn't make me say upset tummy, he lets me say I gotta poo within the next 7 seconds or you will regret it. Because I can do all these things and he understands. And we laugh about it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

38. On a Lighter note.....

I probably shouldn't admit to this one. Larry likes his lager type beers...like Guinness. I am more of wine or girlie martini drinker. I will drink a beer here and there, only if the weather is hot and the beer is icy.This past summer he kept telling me I would have to try Octoberfest when it came out. When it finally hit the store in the fall I bought a six pack to try. Then I bought another. I was under the impression it would be available the whole month of October, so I only bought one at a time. Then one day I went in for my weekly six pack, and ...it was Winter Lager! I got the grocery store man and calmly explained what I wanted. He says "sorry lady, Octoberfest is gone". Gone from your store maybe, I thought, but not gone from everywhere. Next day at work and multiple phone calls later (I hope they don't track) to every wine and beer shop in the state....There is none left! I even called the distributor to see who might have some. Costco! They said Costco had all the remaining stock. I went on my lunch break and there was a whole entire wall of it; stacked to the ceiling, case after case! I only bought 2 cases. My wallet and waist said that would have to last me. I rationed them out through the beginning of November. No other beer has made me quite as happy since. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but..thanks Larry.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

37. That he came back for a kiss

This was the aha moment for me, really...It seems to most, I am sure, to be an insignificant moment. But for me it was the moment my heart passed the no turning back point. We had just finished a quick lunch one day. Larry was working and I was off for the day, so we had each arrived in our own cars. He walked me to my car, and we talked a few moments and had a kiss and finally said our goodbyes. He walked across the parking lot towards his truck and I watched him go. That's something I do when people leave, walk or drive away from me...I watch until they are out of sight. I don't know why; maybe in case its the last time I see them and I want to remember it? Anyway, as I watched him approach his truck, he suddenly did an about face, like he had forgotten something. He dodged a car or two, and strode very purposefully back to my car; I was sure he had forgotten to tell me something. But rather than say anything, he just reached through the window and held my face and leaned in for one last kiss. It was fierce. It was a kiss that had purpose. His demeanor was that of "it was something he had to do". He turned and walked away and left for work. I sat in the parking lot for quite awhile.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

36. That he loves movies-in-bed-all-day days....

Spring and summer finds me out and about...always some gardening or yardwork to do. My weekends seem filled with chores, allowing little time for passive activity. Cold or rainy days.... those are the days that call me to the bed! Wether storms or cold prevails, I am easily persuaded to pass the time in bed for the day. Down quilts and fluffed pillows, junk food and wine, and movies that just delight the soul! Some people would think that is such a waste of good time. Larry can waste away a day in bed with the best of them. No guilt laid on me from him; or from me either! We haven't had the luxury of many of these days. The darn weather won't cooperate. Its been unseasonably warm so far this winter and we are having a drought, so the stormy days are lacking also. But we had a few worthy of slacking. Both were long lazy days, mixed with naps and sex and movies. We ventured out for food and drink only, and the only chores were starting the washer and dryer. The simple guiltless pleasure, out of place in these days of rushing and constant activities, brings me nothing but comforting memories. I am a cheap date; what can I say??!!?? Cross your fingers for a cold front!

Friday, February 15, 2008

35. That it was easy to think of 100 things I love about him

For valentines Day, I gave Larry the list . The whole list of 100 things I love about Larry. I am not finished posting the list yet, but I thought Valentines day would be a good occasion to give it to him. That, along with the fact that it's been awhile since I traded any gifts on Valentines Day with anyone. Not that the day is of significant importance to me....I would rather have a person who lives their love daily then one who has to be prodded by Hallmark and FTD. Still, it is more fun to be with somone on Valentines Day then to feel like the eyes of the world are looking at you for being alone. And its also fun at work to be the first one to get the roses.

I made Larry a card for Valentines Day. It was my way of saying NO to Hallmark, since the good cards that sing sappy songs were like six bucks! So I made an old fashioned card like I used to do as a child. It was actually fun to use school glue and bits of paper and ribbons. The first one I made had lots of red hearts and lacey edging made out of tissue paper. It looked like one I might have made at the age of 4. Really tacky. My second attempt was a little better, after a trip to Hobby Lobby and spending way more then $6.oo on pretty papers, ribbon, scalloped edged scissors, etc. I tied the list of 100 with a ribbon and tucked it into the heart shaped pocket. He has already seen part of the list, as he reads this blog, but it took him a little while to read through the all 100. Some of them are silliness, some are too personal to ever blog about, and most are meaningless to others. But each of the 100 things I love about Larry, represents the first true love I have ever had. I tried to love and thought I loved, but never with such complete acceptance as now. I love him for his goodness, and love him for his faults; for together they are what makes this man.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

34. He helped me find my joy

I used to paint some when I was younger, especially before I was married, then divorced. I lost the desire to create something that was beautiful to me, let alone to someone else. It seemed unimportant and a waste of my time, really. Then my sister needed some art for an office she was decorating. She had a budget, and being aways broke I needed her budget money. So I produced this...

And I made a little money which was nice. But I didn't particularly enjoy painting it. It was more like a job. So I bought some new canvases, but put them aside and didn't paint for months. Not long ago, I spent a really good weekend with Larry. I don't know why it was so special, but it was just...that. Sometimes, after he leaves at the end of the weekend... and we face the long work week, I feel sad and lonely; sort of lost. But after this weekend, I felt happy, full of hope and full of joy. I want more joy in my life. I want more hope. We choose to allow joy into our lives. We choose to recognize what brings us joy. So, one thing I know is that Larry brings me joy. And I rediscovered my canvases which also bring me joy. And now I have this new painting in my bedroom. I love it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

33. The level he takes me too...

This one is hard to explain. Sorry.... but not what you were thinking. Although that's a given; some things I won't write about. Its more about a level of being that I feel when I am with him. Something different, something special. Things that normally annoy me, don't matter. I am a worry wart usually, but when I am with Larry, I seem to be in a place where the worries are put aside. They seem unimportant; they retreat to a proper perspective. The negative becomes positive. The day to day trivia remains just that. The material things in life lose their luster. The spiritual things in life shine. My days are more full of hope. My nights are more full of peaceful dreams. I used to think I knew all about love. Now I realize I never knew it at all.