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Friday, February 15, 2008

35. That it was easy to think of 100 things I love about him

For valentines Day, I gave Larry the list . The whole list of 100 things I love about Larry. I am not finished posting the list yet, but I thought Valentines day would be a good occasion to give it to him. That, along with the fact that it's been awhile since I traded any gifts on Valentines Day with anyone. Not that the day is of significant importance to me....I would rather have a person who lives their love daily then one who has to be prodded by Hallmark and FTD. Still, it is more fun to be with somone on Valentines Day then to feel like the eyes of the world are looking at you for being alone. And its also fun at work to be the first one to get the roses.

I made Larry a card for Valentines Day. It was my way of saying NO to Hallmark, since the good cards that sing sappy songs were like six bucks! So I made an old fashioned card like I used to do as a child. It was actually fun to use school glue and bits of paper and ribbons. The first one I made had lots of red hearts and lacey edging made out of tissue paper. It looked like one I might have made at the age of 4. Really tacky. My second attempt was a little better, after a trip to Hobby Lobby and spending way more then $6.oo on pretty papers, ribbon, scalloped edged scissors, etc. I tied the list of 100 with a ribbon and tucked it into the heart shaped pocket. He has already seen part of the list, as he reads this blog, but it took him a little while to read through the all 100. Some of them are silliness, some are too personal to ever blog about, and most are meaningless to others. But each of the 100 things I love about Larry, represents the first true love I have ever had. I tried to love and thought I loved, but never with such complete acceptance as now. I love him for his goodness, and love him for his faults; for together they are what makes this man.


Anonymous said...

Oh, your creativity is just blossoming all over the place! I'm glad you had so much fun making your valentine -- and I'll bet the "tacky" one was great too!

I know that feeling of loving "for real" for the first time. What an amazing gift and daily joy! I hope it works well for you!

pat said...

thanks for stopping by...no, it was really tacky :)