"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Year Bites the Dust

This was the last ornament I packed away....a millennium purchase from almost a decade ago. I was newly married with pre-teen son, moving into a new life. This 2009, I begin my third year divorced and my son will graduate from college. He struggles to identify what he wants to do with his life. I do not write about him though; I know he wouldn't want to be shared in public. He wants little, doesn't need "stuff", and sees life from a minimalist point of view. Some characteristics I should strive for. I swore I would not blog about New Years resolutions. We all know how dangerous they can be.... self deprecating, self defeating, humiliating, damaging to ones self esteem, etc, etc. The concept of New Years resolutions does nothing but force one to look at what is bad, negative, or wrong with their life. Search and identify your personal failures. Then berate yourself 12 months from now when you fail to change; again. Well heck, I just can't resist. Sorry. I just can't pass on the opportunity to point out to the world (all 10 of you readers...on a good day) all the things I have failed miserably at. Too much fun to be had there! And my New Years list is very practical. I don't aspire to achieve things that are not possible for me to affect. I can't make world peace, I can't make people love me differently, and I can't seem to win the lottery.....but here is what I will do in 2009.
I will reduce my debt
I will get rid of some of the junk in my house
I will paint more
I will read more
I will be nicer to the people I work with ...
And I will quit worrying over what they are getting away with, stealing, gossiping about, getting paid, and cheating the company out of. In short, I will mind my own biz.
I will pray and give thanks more
I will laugh more, specifically I will laugh at myself more
I will do more work on my yard this year
I will clean out my garage
I will control my impatience and road rage :)
and of course, I can try once again to
lose the weight
And I will blog about these in more detail...lucky you!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

If Life Gives You Cranberries, Don't Make Cookies

This weekend was one of those weekends. Unfortunately, not the good kind where you stay in pj's and/or bed all weekend with someone. This was the kind you just do alone, because....well, what else is there to do. A weekend alone can be a good thing if you are in the mood. During this holiday rush though, sometimes time alone seems so amplified. The aloneness echoes through the silent house. For some reason I just didn't know what to do with myself this weekend. A Friday night office Christmas party didn't help matters either. Not exactly my cup of tea. I guess the party animal in me escaped the zoo many years ago. I went so I wouldn't be the only one NOT there.

I slept really late on Saturday and somehow never made it to getting dressed for the day. Come to think of it, I never got dressed on Sunday either. I paid some bills online; then, excited over my left over wealth of $67 to Christmas shop with, I promptly shopped online and spent it a few times over. Several times in fact. Without even getting dressed. I did manage to finish my tree and also made cookies, which look a whole lot better then they taste. Don't try to embellish a good cookie recipe by throwing in various things. Like dried cranberries. They made the cookies quite...dry. I need to learn to just leave well enough alone and not try to improve on an already good thing. I know they say life is what you make it, but sometimes you just get dry cookies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Like everyone else, I haven't had much time for blogging these last few weeks. I have been busy with the upcoming holidays, busy at work and just generally ....well, busy! I did take a day or 2 off work and finished this painting that is to be a gift for my sister. I am very happy with how it turned out; it looks good in my house so if she doesn't like it...it has a happy home with me!
My son will be home in a week, so I am trying to get my house clean and some decorations up. I don't do a lot of decorating, but I do have a real tree every year. I need to have the smell of pine and the twinkling lights to make me feel like I am ready for Christmas. The holidays make me happy, even in tough times. I hope this is a happy time for you and your family and I hope each of you has joy in your life this holiday season. I also hope you take time to remember those who suffer financial or personal hard times. Share what you can, no matter how small it seems. Share your joy any way you can. Happy Holidays to All.