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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Family Day

I had a family "party"on Sunday. My family came from various parts of the state for an afternoon of good food, good company and good conversation. We ranged in ages from 23 to 83, with 1 puppy and one blind dog. We laughed the better part of the day, mostly at the puppy. He trashed my house, dug up my newly emerging hostas and ran through my new screen door, but still...I had to laugh! It was a good day.


citizen of the world said...

Except for the dog distaster, sounds great. Glad it went well.

Coll said...

Through the screen door.. oh my goodness! :-)

Jennifer said...

I miss being close enough to my family to have those sorts of get togethers on a regular basis. Good for you, doggie damages and all.


kats said...

I did. Apparently it was a bigger deal for me than it was for my boss and it looks like he's willing to make some changes to keep me. Who knows... The coffee posting explains it better - I might be crazy, but I have a very passionate relationship with work, for good and for bad.

I have been trying to have a better attitude towards things that shouldn't matter all that much. This last week I've been saying a lot of "it's just work", "it's just my hair - it will grow", "it's just money". "it's just a couple of pounds"... Maybe, if I say enough, I'll believe them ;)

Thanks a lot for checking on me.

I thought I did comment here before, but apparently I didn't. I love having people over. Will do it next weekend and already bought the Pellegrino boxes at Costco last week ;)