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Saturday, May 17, 2008

What I Did on my Summer Vacation... Lovingly!

If you were my washing machine....this is how your world has looked for the past week. Yes, my one and only is home from college! And he brought all his clothes neatly packed in 2 suitcases and a huge hamper; dirty mixed with clean. So, I have done laundry (lovingly) for a week now. I only have a few loads left ; then it will be time to start his weekly laundry (lovingly). He has commandeered my remote for the T.V., and I am sad to say that I can no longer have Top Chef, American Idol, and The Very Real Housewives of New York droning on in my background. Instead, it's Fx and Sci-fi channel and every horror flick that is broadcast. And I try to act interested. (lovingly!) I love having him home and I do cherish every minute. For awhile, he thought he would stay in Nashville for the summer and find a job there. Even though he will be a senior this year, I just wasn't ready for that; I looked at this as our last summer as a "family". Thankfully, he wasn't resourceful enough to find a job and came home. Its had an impact on my relationship with L though, as we (or he I should say, I guess I err on the side of sluts) won't sleep together when my son is in the house. It's just too awkward, I have a very small house, and no kid wants to hear the sounds of his parent in the next room. So, for the first week, we haven't seen each other at all. I have really missed him and missed talking to him. Son went out of town this weekend though, so me and L get to catch up on lost time! Its going to be a long summer!


kats said...

Ouch.I hate hate hate doing laundry. And that's what I did on most of my Sunday, but for a good cause. I'm going out of town for Memorial Day weekend and I need my summer clothes (and Scott's) to be all clean and ready for vacation! (even being only a 4 day vacation...)

citizen of the world said...

I'm a bit of a laundry freak. I like having all the clothes in the house clean, and the kids are used to my frequent collecting of their dirty clothes.

It's nice that you are having some time to nurture your mostly grown child. But rough having so little time with L. It's a balancing act. I know, I live it all year round.

Coll said...

When my kids were about 12 they each got laundry hampers placed in their rooms and from that time on they were all responsible for doing their own laundry. Not sure whos idea this was.. but it sure worked well. :-)