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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

When my birthday rolls around, which it will later this month; I am fairly happy ignoring it and just trying to have a nice day. As the years pile on, the desire to celebrate pales; it just becomes another day and another number to hopefully forget. But today is the birthday of my best friend. He is full of hope, he is kind, honest, funny, and extremely devout in his faith. He never has to think about doing and saying the right thing, there is no alternative in his mind. He accepts his circumstance and steps up to his mistakes. He loves his children and his family and he sacrifices for those he loves. Although I only met him two years ago, I have known him in my head for my whole life. I will have him in my heart forever. I celebrate this day, his day, his life.


BlackenedBoy said...

Aw, this is very sweet. Who is he? You should write more about him.

pat said...

Oh, but I have...you need to start at the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Okay, but I'm going to wish you a happy birthday anyway. (so there!)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I hope he has a very happy birthday--and you too!

I've stopped counting my birthdays too. When I fill out a form, I have to stop and think for a moment;)

Day Traveler said...

Thank you baby.

Coll said...

Here is wishing your friend a wonderful day. Yes .. birthdays are for celebrating life.. not numbers.