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Monday, July 14, 2008

Not Much To Say

For some reason, I have very little to say right now. Everything in my life is just...plugging along. I don't seem to have any negative issues, but then nothing just screams unbounding ecstasy either. I spent a lot of work this summer on my container vegetable "garden". I planted an heirloom variety as well as Better Boy and a compact bush variety. I also planted sweet peppers. Don't ever put heirloom varieties in your garden. I didn't seem to pay any attention at the time to the fact that those plants are not disease and wilt resistant. So after it grew to be about 6 feet tall, it then proceeded to drop every flower at the stem...some kind of wilt fungussy disease. Which soon spread to my other plants. On top of that , the plants all have a dose of blossom end rot. From reading up that seems to come from inconsistent watering and a lack of calcium. Seems if I had known I could have added lime. I wish I had chopped the heirloom tomato plant down a little sooner. For all the trouble, this picture is literally the fruits of my labor ....There are a few more green tomatoes, but they seem to be very slow to ripen. May have to have fried green ones soon. And so it goes.


citizen of the world said...

Ooh, that's too bad. But, you know, fried green tomatoes are pretty fantastic.

pat said...

the best.....:)

Coll said...

It might be a good idea to change the soil in the containers. I think the fungus will live on in the dirt and may pass on to next years crop. I have never tried this.. but I have heard that 1 to 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts in the hole before placing the seedling tomato plant will help prevent blossom end rot.