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Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Goes the Green?

Well, at my house, we are about 3 months into our "go green" transformation. If you read the earlier post, http://pats-dryrun.blogspot.com/2008/06/going-green.html then you know I have taken an, albeit too late, but obsessive interest in our environment and its inevitable demise. I recognize that we each can do a lot to better the future of our earth. And I also recognize that it isn't a situation where one should feel that they can not make an impact. The biggest contribution, in addition to making changes ourselves, is to educate others, especially our children. Our kids are much more aware then their parents about recycling, our carbon footprints, and the circle of effects of our oil usage. I have to do things in baby steps if I want to succeed. So my the changes I made, were that we would take part in our city's recycling program, switch from paper napkins to cloth, switch to recyclable grocery bags, and quit buying water in plastic bottles. The recycling we have easily melded into. The first few times were a bit of a mess. We found that even though the website states they take glass, they actually do not. So they weren't real fond of the beer bottles that we left as an environmental contribution. I still don't get the "no glass" thing but they take everything else, limiting plastics to 1 and 2. The switch from paper to cloth napkins was totally an unnoticed change. I need to buy a few more, but otherwise; painless! The grocery bag switch was also easy. I just have to find a way to remember to take them with me into the store. But the water thing has been hard. I quit buying plastic bottles of water and I do miss them. There is something embedded in my brain that makes me think the bottled water tastes better. It even works when I fill a saved bottle up with tap water and chill it. So I have to work on that notion. I have a Brita pitcher, but the filters eat you up at about $6 a piece. I am ready to add a few more changes...the one I need to do the most is to cut out or at least cut way back on paper towel usage. I go through a lot on a daily basis. I am not sure what an easy replacement would be. It seems if you use dish towels, they will always be damp and having to be replaced with a dry one. I guess though, that they won't take more room in the washing machine. I think this will be on my new list of changes to add at my house. And I am also going to try my moms old habit, which I used to think was disgusting, of re-using plastic bags...like sandwich bags. I used to scoff at her drying bag which she used to stick upside down over the kitchen faucet to dry. Now they make a rack that goes in your dishwasher to wash those same bags. Who knew...besides Mom !!


Anonymous said...

I refill water bottles, just staright out of the tap. It may depend on what local water tastes like, though. And you knwo those microfiber clothes - they make a fair substitute for paper towels because they dry so quickly.

Rose said...

We have a water and ice dispenser in our fridge, which makes it easy to fill up a reusable bottle. And I've found myself drinking much more water now, which is a good thing.

I had to laugh at your last comment. I have followed my Mom's example in re-using plastic bags for years. My kids and friends always made fun of me, but now they see me as saving the environment, not just being cheap. But I draw the line at Mom's other trick--washing and re-using aluminum foil!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Great topic. More people are becoming aware and doing some small things, but it's so discouraging that many just don't care.

Why don't they teach these things in schools? I think forming good habits early in life is the key.

pat said...

Citizen...where do you get those towels? i need to try that, I am a heavy paper towel waster!

Phyllis S said...

I'm giving up the bottled water too. It really is wasteful from a resources standpoint. I bought it for the office, because of the convenience.

Coll said...

Bottled water was an easy one for me. Using less paper towels is more difficult but I am working on it. With two grandkids to be born this fall I hope to do all I can to keep this world a good place.