"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I hate cars. I have never had a really nice car...the kind people wash in the touchless car wash, the kind people name, the kind people park in the parking place thats in the next zip code so no one parks next to them. I never really wanted one of those anyway. I just need 4 wheels and an engine...that are reliable, that I can trust, and that are relatively economical to fuel and maintain.  Besides that ...its just transportation. Oh...and did I mention a man to fix said car. Yeah; I need it to come with a man to do everything it needs except gas it up; I can do that. Actually I like to do that because I love the smell of gasoline and diesel. Beyond that, I hate taking the car in for any kind of repair or maintenance. I don't even like to take it in to get the oil changed. I can handle anything else; I can use a circular saw, do your income taxes, cast a nice line, even program and operate  a DVD. But... DO NOT ask me when I changed the oil in the car, or where I bought my battery, or what kind of tires I have. I don't want to know. I don't care. It makes my skin crawl and my eyes glaze over. I have cried when it didn't start and I fear the man who drives the tow truck.  I think all men who work under cars, also went to that schoool where they teach you exactly  how to make me feel stupid,  as well as how to sucker-punch  me for every penny left on my credit card limit. So imagine my gratitude when my best man friend in the world fixed mine for me last night.  And after about 20 minutes of trying to release a bolt with an inadequate tool not meant for cars....we went shopping and I became the proud owner of a metric socket set. 
With 60 pieces even. Don't hate me.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I like my car quite a bit, but I don't know anything about fixing it and hate having to deal with that.

NCmountainwoman said...

I am in love with my car! But I must admit I hate taking it in for service (and paying the bill). Living in the mountains, I absolutely must keep the car maintained, so I strictle adhere to the timing.

Wow! A sixty-piece socket set.

Arthur Dent said...

I've missed you, Pat. My hiatus is over, I've reset and re-organized some priorities, and (sadly) been forced to safeguard myself by relocating and locking my blog.

Pop by the old address if you'd like to come over to the new digs.

I've been playing catch-up with some of my old favourites for about a week now.

Coll said...

I have similar thoughts and feelings towards our automobiles. All I ask is that I get from point A to point B.

sue said...

That's why I have a mechanical man... and son. I don't HAVE to know these things. I just state, "not my department"... and I'm off the hook. Of course, he taught the girls how to change oil, tires, etc... he's such a good dad. I just claim stupidity and he lets me off the hook. Then again, when it comes to computers he expects me to fix everything. :)

pat said...

Some things women just shouldn't have to do.....so man up guys!!!