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Monday, September 29, 2008

My iPod

Well it was one of those weekends with not much to do. I am not much for activity filled free time nor do I need to be constanly entertained. I do not, however, deal well with too much time alone. My mind wanders and does damaging things, creates scenarios that come out of God knows where, and I find things to worry about that I can't do anything about anyway. So to cope, I need to make things to do that occupy my brain...both sides. Not just mundane chores and routine tasks; I have those going on the side. No, I need something that totally keeps my attention . So somehow I decided that this was a good weekend to organize my music on my ipod. My computer has been acting funky lately, and between music and pictures, I started to realize I would lose a lot if it decided to crash and burn. So I started with my music, as I don't think I can even begin to touch the photos; no that will have to wait for a long weekend alone. Now if you have an Ipod and you are a not so young person, like myself...you undoubtedly were taught how to use it by a child or a teenager. On, off, download, sync, play..about all there is to it really. Except my music is all mixed up, much without titles, most without album cover pictures (thats the best part too) and some were on the ipod, some were still on the itunes player. All I can say is...trial and error. No such luck with the online manual; it referred to buttons that weren't there, disconnecting before ejecting, playlists you haven't created yet. All I wanted was all the classical together, all the Green day together, all the bluesy romantics together, etc......I just don't want to hear Viva la Vida in the middle of an Andrea Bocelli marathon! After much work and many hours of focused attention; I got the job done. I even have album covers where they are supposed to be and all my music is categorized. If only the photos would be so easy!


Anonymous said...

My ipod is completely disorganized, too. But I am more worried about the photos - I'm afraid it is going to take me months to get them in order!

Coll said...

I love my iPod. I tend to just keep my most favored pieces of music on it.. so organization is not to big a deal. Mind you.. I do have a playlist especially for when my kids come over.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog. You put all of MY thoughts into words. Thank you.