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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was a day I just didn't feel like sitting around inside. I needed to wander a bit, physically and mentally. So I took myself to one of my favorite "mindless" places... a local antique junk and flea market. I love to wander and look and pick out things to buy; but I usually carry them around for awhile and then one by one, I put them back. I think I have almost as much fun doing this as I do if I just buy them!

There were a lot of glass bottles, canisters and cookie jars. I love glass, but I didn't see anything today that interested me. I saw a lot of things I would like to have if I ever have an old house, with a farmhouse style kitchen.

I saw a lot of nice wood things. Lots of wood boxes (which I love), but none that seemed really old to me. I also saw a lot of old crates, ammo crates as well as food crates. They are always fun and good for storage. One of the most unique things I saw was a cigar mold, I wish I could have gotten a picture, but my phone was dead by then!

Also there were walls of old tools, saws, kitchen tools, and just ...
well, stuff! That box looking thing on the right hand edge of this photo, is a wooden pigeon carrier! It was 3 or 4 feet long, with a row of doors an separate compartments. Something I had never seen before!

My favorite thing that I didn't buy, was a divided crate. It looked like it might have held wine bottles at one time. But I left it for someone else to rescue. Next time maybe.


secret agent woman said...

I love wandering in antique stores, too, and like you I rarely actually buy anything.

Day Traveler said...

Those old things really are so facinating. When I pick up a tool or a box or a bottle I wonder about it's history. What useful or beautiful things did the craftsman make with the tool? What precious things were stored in this bottle or box. Holding someone's life work, hopes and dreams in your hands should be a careful thing. Though some of the treasures have been used to their limits, others sit quietly, impressing on my mind the notion that they still have life in them and want to give service. The items in the store are like people I suppose. As I get older I see younger people, technology, skill set, etc. passing me by. Though I'm not ready for the shelves yet, I hope that when I do get there some will still see my usefulness.