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Friday, August 21, 2009

What Are You Afraid Of?

What do I fear? Everything it seems these days....is it old age ? (middle-old-age?) I was fearless in my youth; not afraid of anything that I remember. Little would stop me from what I wanted to do and no obstacles ever stood in my way. Nothing was dangerous and nothing had consequences. Nowadays...I am afraid of too much. Ironically, I don't really worry about real issues like the economy, Korea, terrorism or Jon and Kate . I worry about stupid stuff. These are my current mind occupying fears; in no particular order.

1. Having a heart attack* any minute.
* stroke, aneurysm, that last piece of stuff that clogs the artery, or flesh eating disease
2. Driving (being the passenger) in traffic*
* substitute rain, fog, etc
3. Flying...
heaven forbid I should ever have enough money for a plane ticket to go somewhere
4. That my son will never leave home..
5. That my son will leave home
6. That my house will rot*
* or flood, become termite fodder, crack in half, leak gas and blow
7. That the wheel on my car will break off and I will flip over
seriously, I have a bad bearing of some kind
8. That someday when I am old and alone I will break down and get a cat
9. That I made the wrong decision

That about does it. What are you afraid of?

sorry no picture...computer issues!


secret agent woman said...

I fear something horrific happening to my kids. I fear being attacked while I'm out on the street at night and fear being bitten (again) by a dog. But mostly, I'm not afraid. I am a confident driver, I don't mind flying, and I don't worry about sudden death.

pat said...

secret, I should have been more specific...I love to drive, I have a fear when I am the passenger only...I edited!!! I think it is all age related...

Vietnam Veterans Brothers Forever said...

What do I fear?
1. Being alone
2. Not being left alone
3. flipping out
4. Losing touch with reality
5 Not losing touch with reality
6. All the other stuff you mentioned
7. Having someone who cares for me even when I'm a SOB.
Now on the other side of the coin, What do I love.
1. My Wife
2. Brothers (Veterans)
3. My 1997 red Mazda Miata
4. family
5. Waking up in the morning and hearing the birds singing.
6. The smell of a beautiful woman right after a shower
7. Friends that I can depend on when I need someone's shoulder to cry on.

Noticed I stopped on seven things for both categories. I hope that brings you luck.
Love you Brother


Jennifer said...

Fear. It's everywhere, stopping the life short in people near and far. How I wish I could change that, in myself most of all!

Day Traveler said...

Honestly, I can't think of much to be afraid of regarding my physical person. Maybe one or two things that have more to do with my heart and soul. I fear for others though. I fear that my children won't really find themselves, be happy and thankful that they are alive on this earth. I fear that they will forget me in the years to come. That they won't have time for me. That they will not want to spent time with me.
I fear that I'm going to bring pain or heartbreak to someone's life. Like Rob Thomas said in one of his songs "I don't want another heartache on my list". There really have been enough of those.
I'm always telling myself that I want whatever years I have left in life to be in God's will. What is His will though? Should I just go with what seems right at the time and hope for the best?
Ending up old, cold and alone is a fearful thing to me in a way. What's more fearful is sitting there in the last days of my life understanding that it didn't have to be this way. That I'm in that place because of decisions that were selfish and unwise.
Physical things can be handled with good result. It's the issues of the heart and soul that are the hard things in life.
Have you ever listened to Simon and Garfunkels song Homeward Bound?
I love you and don't want to be your wrong decision. I just don't know which way to go sometimes.