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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dream House 2009

I don't watch a lot of TV. When I need mindless excursions, I usually get on the internet. I travel to different towns across America via the Real Estate pages. I am on a never ending hunt for my perfect house. I don't have an overall picture of it in my mind, but I do have snapshots in my dreams. Its front remains faceless right now, but its features are clear. My must haves are simple and generally are old features.

An antique door ...I love the hardware on this one as well. But I like those old glass doorknobs for all the interior doors.
this photo taken without permission from

Old screen doors on every entrance...and they have to be the real kind that slap the wood every time they close. The hinges can squeak as well.

a front porch...enough said

....fireplace, preferably stone

a farmhouse sink

And this lovely bathroom. I am blessed to have a really nice little house, and love it and I am truly grateful for it. It's main issues for me are that it isn't located where I would like it to be. If I could add a porch, get a new "old" door and screen doors, face the fireplace out with stone, get a new sink and remodel the bathroom; then it would be perfect.

Oh, and.....

maybe move it to this view.


JennyMac said...

Beautiful. Love the pics!

secret agent woman said...

I have the same feeling - I absolutely love my house and feel lucky to have it. But I dream about things it doesn't have. And more than that, I dream of moving it to a more liberal area!

Vietnam Veterans Brothers Forever said...

Old houses are great. We live in Historical Hillsborough, NC and love it. There is nothing like walking in the area and looking at the old houses. Our house is located in the Historic District but it was built back in the early 50s. Nothing historic about it but we were lucky enough to be included in the area. We love the fact that we can walk downtown and shop, eat, or just admire the beauty of it all.

Day Traveler said...

You know, I feel the same way about my last home. I love craftsman style houses. I also love log homes. The geographic location is important as I want to sit on the porch, drink coffee and take in a view like this one. Quiet and peaceful. Somehow, I believe it would soothe my soul.
I'd like to have a fireplace somewhere that actually burns wood though. I've got an old wood stove that needs some work. Maybe I could put it in my shop/cave.

pat said...

Well, just maybe you could......

sue said...

Caught up on some posts... Love the pics! You've had a busy summer as well, haven't you? Hoping to get back into the whole swing of things. Come see me at new "home"... http://thetornmadness.blogspot.com if you want. :)

Anonymous said...

That really made me smile! Love the stone fireplace, the squeaky doors sound a bit scary though.