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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Venturing Out

It was a mixed bag in the North Carolina mountains; we started the week off with 30 degree weather and snow, and ended with mid 60's. We saw everything from snow to rain to sunshine.

The color was not as good at the higher elevations, but was really beautiful on a waterfall side trip we made in the southern part of the mountains.

The first picture is Looking Glass Falls and the next two are White Water falls, both in Brevard, N.C.

The highlight of the week was a little off the beaten path. While on a public viewing platform at Connestee Falls, L spotted something off in the woods beside the falls. If you click on this photo and look closely to the right of the falls, you will see some stairs! Now, I am not one to run off into the woods without a marked trail . I am the one who doesn't take enough chances in life. L is the one who inspires me to be more of a participant in life. And being out of shape, overweight and with an old foot injury, I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to do physical things. I have deep seated fear of walking just far enough into the woods to be beyond rescue, and having a heart attack. For me, far enough is about 50 feet. But when he sees stairs in the woods beside the falls...he is going in! It took a little encouraging on his part, but I tentatively followed him into the woods to find a way to come up over the falls to the other side. Soon, we found a hint of a path, which soon became a good trail and then became a marked trail. It was an easy stroll in the woods, even for me. The only part that concerned me was the 100 and some odd steps that led down to the falls. That and the little snake that laid on one of the steps. It scared me so bad I couldn't even take a picture.

Eventually we came out in a clearing right beside the falls, so close you could put your hand in. The twin falls of Connestee and Batson Creek spill in from two directions. The waters pool together and form a third falls called Silver Slip. The constant roar of the twin falls echoed through the woods and proved to be a magical place.

I am inspired to get in better shape, to regain my confidence, and to venture out of my comfort zone more often. Life is too short. And to you...thank you for that walk.


secret agent woman said...

Mixed for weatehr, maybe, but all beautiful.

sue said...


Day Traveler said...

It really was great. Yeah?
Sometimes, we just need to step outside our own selves and see what's over the next hill. God knows I enjoyed the last few days and that little hike over Connestee with you was wonderful. So much better when you can share it with someone. To have the freedom to explore like that whenever you feel like it.
There must be a way.

Charles said...

Hi Pat, Nancy and I were sorry to have missed you and Larry. Maybe next time. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in North Carolina. It is a wonderful place to live.
Take Care