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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Finally! The rain has finally stopped and the warm weather is here. I have enjoyed screen door weather for the last few weeks. My favorite time of year is spring, I get to see which of last years plants decided to make a comeback to my yard. It is fun to see what pops up and it is amazing how many times I see something and don't remember what I planted and where. This was a hard winter for us in the deep south, so some of my plants did not fair do well. Still, that is part of it and a few losses gives me some room to try some new things

This year we are adding a little herb garden, all in containers, at the request of my son the amateur chef. We planted  lemon balm , mint, greek oregano, sweet basil, thai basil, spicy basil and 2 kinds of red peppers, sweet, and spicy. This year I located my little herb garden right near the front door, and the hose! It's a lot more convenient for me and really is better because it gets more sun then last years spot. I am sure my neighbors think I am weird, but then I guess maybe I am. I am even thinking of planting my tomatoes in the front too..they would benefit from this new location as well as me!

 Here are a few shots of roses, iris and sweet confederate jasmine which are all blooming now.

And last but not least, I am an empty nester once again. Last week had me watching this family drama outside my front door. But now, they have moved on, leaving me listening to quiet instead of "feed me" peeps. I miss them already and hope another family moves in to give it a go. Summer is fast approaching, the sweltering heat we get here in the South will drive me in eventually. But for now I am enjoying my little retreat from it all.

Hope your spring is a blessed one.


secret agent woman said...

Beautiful. I have all the windows open and I'm listening to the soft rain. Love it.

Day Traveler said...

It's amazing, the beautiful things just outside your door. Isn't it?

Day Traveler said...
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sue said...