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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neglected Blog

Sorry blog, just  have been to busy lately...work, family stuff, a whirlwind road trip to North Carolina...too much going on. But hope you all had a Happy Easter. I still  seem to find the time to read all my favorite, but no time to post! Meanwhile, the iris are the prettiest this year that I have ever seen....and a few more garden shots.


Red Shoes said...

Beautiful flowers!!!

I hope all is well with you!!



secret agent woman said...

The flowers are lovely, but I especially like the anole lizard shot.

Cheri said...

The first shot is exquisite!

Carolina Mts

Day Traveler said...

Simple pleasures are the best.

NCmountainwoman said...

Gorgeous flowers! Yes, Connestee Falls is the falls near Top of the Falls Realty. The realty company how houses an art gallery/studio. The new overlook doesn't go down very far but future plans call for a trail and another overlook so you will be able to see both falls.