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Friday, October 12, 2007

The First Entry

Everyone else seems to be reading and writing blogs these days, so I think I will give it a try. I sit trying to conjure up some titillating subject matter; something that will attract some of those readers away from the competition. Perhaps a story of my 54 year old life....if I use my most vivid imagination, I might be able to come up with enough fictitious literature to interest a few boomers. Actually, the original reason I started this was just to check it out. I want my best friend to start a blog. He has a topic that I think will be interesting to a lot of people. He also has a gift of putting his thoughts onto paper. He claims to know nothing of blogs; so I am checking out this seemingly simple auto-blog that is mistake and excuse free. I will continue to post on my blog about him not doing his blog, until he actually begins his blog. Since the beginning of this paragraph, I have decided to write my blog about this man. Nothing that will identify him or embarrass him. Well...embarrass him maybe. He doesn't know that on my computer in my living room, I have been composing a list; "100 Things I Love About Larry". I think I am up to near 50. I limit myself to adding no more than 1 a day. I started it back when I first met him and knew that I would eventually love him. So, here I will present all "100" to anyone who is interested....1 thing I love about Larry for each post. I wish that I had started this blog when I started the list, but I will do my best to recall what provoked each thought. Maybe it will make some of you think about what you truly love about those around you, and maybe you will share your list with that person or with these readers!

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Arthur Dent said...

Hi there. I found you through the comment you left with Wendi Aarons where you mentioned you were a new blogger.

Just wanted to say, welcome to the fracas. You meet/read some of the most interesting and unique people/things on the internet, and blogs have got to be the best.

For the most part. They're REAL. You'll get to know the difference... Sometimes, you can read something and say to yourself, "Damn, there's no way that THAT was made up."

Welcome to the World Wide Insanity! Blogs forever! Death to Crackbook!

I mean, Death to Facebook!