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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5 That he hangs out in the kitchen with me

A lot of my time with Larry is "spent with food". We both are Food Network addicts, I love to cook, he loves to bake, and I spend entirely too much time talking about food. I have an unending need to hear what he had for his past meals when we are apart. He can't just tell me he had a ham sandwich; I have to hear what went down first, mayo, then cheese, what kind?...gouda, havarti, tomatoes, what kind of onions, was it drippy, was it GOOD??? When my only son went away to college, I called him almost daily to ask what he ate. I thought that if he was eating, that meant he made his way to the dining hall, and that he must be safe and happy.
But what I really like is that Larry will pull up a stool and sit and watch me cook... chatting, sometimes grabbing me for a kiss between chopping and stirring. I love to cook anyway, but putting out daily meals can become pure drudgery. My kitchen used to be a place for chores, but now it has its own stories to tell. I would never have dreaded cooking when I was married before, had I had a partner who shared it with me like this. I would have been cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at least 2 snacks in between!!! I think you can learn the whole being of a person from the way he deals with food. You can nurture a mound of dough into a warm sweet loaf, or you can by a loaf of white bread. This man is whole wheat with honey.


kats said...

I'm new around here, came through 1pic while waiting for a flight and just started reading from the begining. Your words are so nice to read and I really don't want to turn my iPhone off and stop reading when the plane starts to move. You are very engaging and I'm looking forward to being able to turn the Internet on later today, so I can keep reading.

pat said...

wow, thanks for that! I hope you come back and read more...if you have time between all your travel! i read some of your posts and you do sound like a busy girl!