"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hanging On

Daylilies...........although they are one of the most carefree, near "weed", and prolific multipliers, are one of my most favorite plants. Even the common orange street side variety captures my attention. In China, some varieties of daylilies are used in the kitchen, There is a yellow variety that is considered a delicacy and is used in a type of golden soup. I love to pair orange flowers with blue in the garden. You can see blue plumbago in the background in this picture. The plumbago is struggling; it should be three times as big as it is now. It is struggling to survive from being wintered over, I know its not usually done and is rarely successful, but I can't bring myself to pitch a plant that still breathes. I am coming to realize I am a person who has a hard time giving it up, in all walks of life. I dragged my marriage out till it was painful before I accepted it wasn't going to survive. I can't accept that my son is an adult and does not need me to nurture (torture) him any longer. I struggle to hold on to things way past the end. Daylilies bloom, flourish and die all in one day. It amazes me that something so beautiful yet so simple is here one minute and gone the next. Like people in your life. One minute you hold it in your hand; the next minute it's gone. How about you, do you hold on..... Or do you let go?


Jennifer said...

I think learning to let go is one of the hardest lessons of growing up.

And I love day lillies, too.

sue said...

I hold on...tightly.
I love daylillies...all lillies!

You've done amazing things to the yard. Wow. I'm so impressed. You make me feel wimpy. LOL!

I like the new format. I always enjoyed the "100 things", but this gives me more insight into you... and I really like "you". ;)

pat said...

well thanks sue !!

Anonymous said...

I put in dayliliies this summer, in hpes that they'll multiply.

Letting go when it is time is a lesson I have to learn over and over.

some insight said...

I agree...letting go is one of the toughest things to learn. I haven't really had personal issues with it yet...but I know that's the biggest problem between my parents and myself..their inability to let go. But you live and learn.

And I like the new layout as well! Nice job!! =]