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Monday, June 9, 2008


This is L's gift to me for my birthday which was this past winter. I knew he was building me an easel...something I have always wanted, but had never quite found the right one, nor one I could afford. I wasn't sure what was taking so long, until I he brought it over this weekend. He made this for me out of some cherry wood that he had in his workshop. The detail in the picture shows beautiful hand-carved pieces of contrasting woods. I know it will eventually be covered in slashes of paint. Although I will try to keep it clean, I know it won't stay that way ..... my coffee table and dining room table, both bear the details of past paintings I have done. I have used everything from my mantel with nails poked in it, to a stool standing on a table to hold my canvases. Now I really feel like an artist, with a custom hand made, hand carved and hand waxed easel. I think this easel is beautiful and is as much a work of art as any canvas it will ever hold. God gives us many talents, from carving and working with wood, to writing and painting. I thank God for his gift to Larry and I thank Larry for his gift to me.

Oh, and did I mention that he bakes ?


kats said...

Caipirinha is que traditional Brazilian drink. It's made with lime, sugar and Cachaça (a Rum made of sugar cane, that I used to bring from Brazil in my suitcase, but now I can find at BevMo). Fancier places will make it with other fruits, like berries or passion fruit. And it's kind of trendy to change the Cachaça for Vodka or Sake if you are not strong enough for Cachaça. I was not strong enough in the past, but I got over it ;)

I found a couple of pictures to show you how it looks like. Weirdly, I can't find any picture taken by me.... I think I should have another Caipirinha evening to shoot some good ones.



And I found a recipe in English!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work on the easel! What a lovely gift.

mark said...

I think both woodworking as well as baking bread are God given gifts. That wood easel is a work of art.