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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Global Warning?

Its so odd, the way there have been so many weather related tragedies the last few days. Here in the South, we have moaned and complained that we need rain and it is too hot. Then I read about the horrors in the Midwest associated with too much rain. Floods, people drowning, levees breaking….makes me feel guilty for wishing for a bit of that rain. I am sure they have wished for some dry heat like the South and east is experiencing…and I see that 17 people have been lost in heat related deaths. And today there is the sad news of the loss of 4 boy scouts in a horrific tornado. It seems there are extreme weather related circumstances going on all over this country. Global warming? We finally had our first drops of rain yesterday, hopefully enough ...but my worries over tomato plants seems so trivial now.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I found your site because your interest are similar to mine, old houses and gardening.

I have a daylilies very much like your double or triple. Didn't know they were so common.

Global warming is a concern but weather disasters have been with us forever. Two years ago it was a hundred year drought in Illinois, this year it's floods and tornadoes.

I hope you get the rain you need.

pat said...

Welcome Marnie and thanks for your visit..your site photos are lovely and I am jealous of your farmhouse..its just not meant to be for me right now, but hopefully one day I will live in an old house again!