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Monday, December 3, 2007

16 He braved the annual "The Tree " hunt with me

Larry took me Christmas tree hunting. For some that's not such a big deal. For those like me it requires a xanax or two on the part of everyone involved, a few tears, and a few days of trying to see who can ignore the other the longest. That has been my past experience in Christmas tree shopping. My ex refused to go with me after the second year or so. I went every year thereafter with my sweet son, who patiently humored me with every "its too small, too tall, too skinny, too stupid looking, crooked, fat bottom, not tree shaped enough, and of course too damn expensive" !! He would calmly drop my rejected trees, one after the other, and hoist the next for my hopeful approval. Later we would laugh about it, him not understanding what difference the tree shape makes, and me pretending the trees really were genetically deficient. If it were up to him, he would chose the ugliest, just to be kind to the tree. But this year it fell to Larry, because said son is in college now, Larry is my new favorite man, and he has a truck. We got the perfect tree on the third one he lifted up. I don't think my tree luck was necessarily any better than previous years. I just think the way I look at the trees has changed. I think the way I look at a lot of things has changed.
All lit up.

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Arthur Dent said...

We (Fenchurch, the Terrorist and I) went tree hunting On Saturday. It was cold, but a nice way to spend the afternoon.We also picked the third one we looked at after lengthy discussion.

Fired up the chainsaw, quick "zip", and off to the truck and headed for home. I love living where there are no places to buy real trees and there are enough that you just go for a drive and cut one down.