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Saturday, December 8, 2007

17 That he looks damn good in jeans

Well, hey...Larry has followed me to that place that some people unkindly refer to as middle aged. Middle of what, I would like to know. Are they referring to the middle of 3 chins, midline c-section scars, middle of the night trips to pee, middle of the head baldness...what? Some people are able to defy all that gravity; me not being one of them. Larry is lucky like a lot of men, they age so much more gracefully then women. No beer belly on him.... he has no body fat, tight butt and is long and lean. Now, he does have graying hair. His, of course, looks rugged and manly and sophisticated. My lovely grays stand out on my head like one of those searchlights aimed at the sky during a grand opening. They pop up over night, already about 6 inches long. They don't grow any longer; they just remain standing straight up and wiry amongst my otherwise pretty red hair. Thank you lord, that they are pluckable!!! Other than some graying hair, he shows very few age related battle scars. He is a quite handsome man, if I do say so myself. And he still looks soooo good in jeans. Damn good.


Arthur Dent said...

Are you SURE you're not Fenchurch in disguise? :D

pat said...

why, is she a redhead with a few wild grays? Or she justs likes you in jeans;)??