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Sunday, January 6, 2008

25. For no reason

Really I couldn't figure out the title of this one. The truth of the matter is I love Larry for who he is ( I heard that e-harmony man on the TV ad one too many times) and what he has and what he does and nothing more. I think back on my "love" for my ex husband. I think I really loved him for what I thought he could have been. He could have dressed better, acted nicer, had a nicer house, been a little softer around the edges. I thought I could fix all those things. Then he wouldn't have been him though would he. I have to accept some responsibility for the demise of that union. Larry though.... is different. He has some life circumstances that put him in some very tough living conditions. He deals with it all as best he can. But he doesn't let his problems define the man that he is. You know what you are getting and I love him for who he is. Just like he is.... no frills. He is perfect.

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CS said...

You can never change anyone, so that is doomed. But it's hard, I think, to just take people as they are. Even when they are really neat people in most ways.