"whoever touches us, teaches us....."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

26. That he shares what I am drinking

I love it when he shares whatever I am drinking. I always offer to get him whatever he wants. Sometimes he won't say no to his Guinness, and its not likely for me to be drinking beer. Unless its Sam Adams in October, but thats a whole different love story. Anyway, if he isn't in a beer mood, often he will just sip on my glass of wine or whatever I have. Its funny that such a little "thing" would seem so intimate. To one person, it might seem like nothing, but to me it is very warm and personal. It is a comfort to pass the glass back and forth. Maybe its just a reassurance that " I like what you like". Share my drink, share my life, share my love.


Arthur Dent said...

Heh.. we share too, but it goes a little different at our house...

"Honey, I'm full, finish this for me?"
"But I'm full to and having trouble getting the last of my own down." I've always been a take-as-much-as-you'll-eat-and-leave-nothing-on-your-plate-but-the-bones kinda guy, go back for more if you underestimated.
Fenchurch, takes what she figgures she'll eat, plus whatever else she figgure I can handle.

"But I can't finish this, I'm fat enough as it is ~pout~:(... Come on, you need to eat it." She's particularly like this with deserts.

So, I overstuff myself, usually resulting in writing on the couch or in bed in sheer agony looking like I'm suffering from malnutrition in a 3rd world country. After all is said and done, I still don't gain any weight, although, I do seem to have put on 13lbs over the Christmas Break... I just don't know where.

pat said...

Okay, now food is different....I will stab you if you try to take food off my plate...;)

CS said...

The guy I'm dating shares what I'm eating and drinking and although sometimes I don't like it (like when he's hogging my chocolate), the good part is he is always fine with me taking his food and drink.