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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New years Day...sorry Larry, this one's not about you!

On New Years day, I always take down my Christmas tree. As I was undecorating and packing ornaments, it occurred that my ornaments tell a brief story of my life. My earliest ornaments from when I first lived on my own, are no longer in existence; undoubtedly rejects and cheap hastily bought decor that only lasted a few years. When I first began to take Christmas decorations seriously, I began investing in expensive Radko ornaments. They are hand made, exquisite and run $40 to $75 each. In those days I had money to waste on ornaments and no children to destroy them.
Then I had a baby, and the yearly "look what I made for you" ornaments began. Marked by that years smiling face, they are the most precious of all my keepsakes. I hang these all at the front of the tree, where I see them every time I pass. Next, the annual ornament choices turned to what a young child would select. Santas, stuffed ornaments, many animals. These represent a mishmash of thoughts in a childs head!
Through the lean years of being a single mom, I would paint or make ornaments. I thought they looked pretty good mingled with the $50 ones...they look better buried behind the lights and branches! I still hang them, but towards the back! Then I got married. For some reason every ornament I bought or someone gave to me, was representative of my life. The red truck , to mirror our red pickup, the blue boat we fished in, lots of fishing ornaments, even a few camouflage for my husband (now my ex ). I hang them all in the back...the camo one I left behind.

I don't even want to guess what period of my life these ornaments represent....all food items; go figure!!

This year I added a Christmas pickle ( for good luck) and a tomato because I like tomatoes??

Packed away til next year...I can only wonder what I will add next year! The Best of New Years to All..and thanks to all my new blog friends for the input and comments!


CS said...

I have a similar progression of ornaments, although this year my ex and I them in half, taking turns choosing. (I am also a "just got divorced middle aged southern woman".) It was hard to see some of them go. This year, to fill in the gaps, I bought some things that suited me - burgundy and dark gold and silver ornaments, some gold leaping reindeer, tiny white lights. But I think I need to get a pickle.

sue said...

Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year to you and your fella...! May 2008 bring you everything you (both) desire!

I resolve only one thing. To try and get over to 'see' you more often in '08. {{{hugs}}} Be happy.

pat said...

cs... the pickle is supposed to bring you god luck i think!

sue...I hope so , and I will be seeing yours also!

Suzanne said...
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