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Friday, January 18, 2008

29. the way he looked sitting at breakfast this morning

Some people don't fare so well first thing in the morning. I usually need some time to wake up so my eyes both open together, put on a bit of makeup and brush my hair, which tends to get wild during the night. I think my hair must go off on its own and party all night because in the morning it always looks like it has been out on a binge. This morning we sat over breakfast of coffee, toast, and bacon ...what could possibly be better in the morning? (Sex maybe?.... but still with coffee, toast and bacon.) I looked across the table to see Larry sitting there, the morning light still soft, but those eyes of his were radiant. He looked so good. I sat there, urging myself to tell him. But I sat there in silence. What is WRONG with me, that I let an opportunity go by to tell some one I love how beautiful he looks??I thought all day about why I didn't say something; he would have said it to me and does many times. He always has the right words, asks the right questions...but I blew a simple chance to tell him something that was true and nice. So, I am so sorry Larry. You looked wonderful this morning sitting at my table in the soft morning light. I wish I had told you so. You looked damn good.


Jennifer said...

The good news is, now you'll tell him next time. Without hesitation. I think that's what growing into a relationship is all about. :-)

Arthur Dent said...

I think your hair spends the night at a rave with mine.