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Thursday, November 8, 2007

10 That he doesn't freak out when I cry

Lately, I cry a lot. Odd for me, because I have always had somewhat of a tough persona, am fairly independent and I keep my emotions in check. Used to anyway. There's something about Larry that makes me cry a lot. Its certainly not bad things he does. Its more like the sweeter he is or more endearing he becomes, the more it triggers my tear reflex. I cry for his sadness in the changes divorce has brought to him and I cry for the life I wish I had with him. The other night, he was talking to his youngest daughter about his upcoming visit to see her. She asked him if he could spend the night with her at her house (his ex's house). Hours later I was still sniffling. The sweet innocence of a child reminds you how fragile they are, and how they are affected by divorce. They are forever hopeful that the original family will once again dwell together under the same roof. You have to cry for that.

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Arthur Dent said...

Sweetheart, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to check out my kids' blogs... without people like you, the Princess of the Universe, and Tusk... I'd be screwed trying to get my kids into using blogs as an international communication tool, which is my entire purpose.