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Friday, November 2, 2007

7 That he folds his dirty clothes

Now, don't think for one minute I mean he folds his dirty clothes...just at my house. He doesn't throw them on the floor, he folds them into a tidy little pile and leaves them sitting on the foot of my bed. Adding a few more items to a load of laundry is nothing to me. Actually, laundry is one of the chores I kind of like to do. I love taking warm fresh smelling clothes out of the dryer and I like hanging or folding them neatly. I really like doing it for him. There is rarely opportunity to "do something" for him, so this chore I relish. Those folded dirty clothes left on my bed are my assurance that he will return again, once more giving me a chance to wash, dry and fold him into my life.


Arthur Dent said...

I really gotta talk to this guy... He is setting the bar WAY too high for us mere mortal men-folk.

I've got some of my students reading your blog now. The guys are scared that every woman on the planet is going to expect this from them.

The girls... I feel badly for them. They are in their oh so important formative exploration years when it comes to finding that special someones that they really want to spend a lot of time with. I fear he may shatter some realities.

Have I mentioned before how much trouble this is going to cause me when my Fenchurch finds out about this guy? I mean, great, I'm glad you've gotten so lucky, but it's a tough act for the rest of us to follow.

pat said...

In all fairness I am sure I could come up with a "few things I hate About Larry"...but I think the point of it all is to look at a persons behavior, and look for the good in the act rather than the bad. Its an easy thing to do when you love a person. In my past relationships, I looked past the good things and focused on the negative...eventually you kill any love that you have.

Arthur Dent said...

Hmmm... interesting perspective. Mayhaps I should send this link off to Fenchurch...?

pat said...


Arthur Dent said...

Yes, Students. I am a real-life Weapon of Mass Instruction... I teach high-school.

pat said...

Eeeeeeeeek.....I will reconsider what I post, don't want to scar them for life!