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Thursday, November 15, 2007

12 He likes Cheerios

He likes cheerios. I like Honey Nut Cheerios. Its almost the only cereal I eat. I keep a box at my desk because I usually don't have time for breakfast.....that last 15 minutes of womb-like sleep makes me late , scatter-brained and ravenous for the better part of the morning. Cheerios are neat, can be eaten out of your hand, and you can eat the ones you drop on the floor if you get 'em quick enough. Dogs love cheerios, for instant clean up; and they make good ammo for finger flicking across the room at people. You can eat a bowlful or you can eat 3 cheerios. I usually eat them out of the box, because I don't care for milk.
Uh-oh...Larry loves milk, that is number 1 on a new list.


TrentBonius99 said...

yep I agree cheerios are the best.

Arthur Dent said...

Cheerios rock. We picked up a box of Fuity Cherios (they look like tiny Fruit Loops) but I haven't been able to get near them.