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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joy of Patience

Patience......I don't have any! Years ago my Mom gave me a start of her plant that she calls Walking iris. It is supposed to like wet feet and bright light. Somehow, despite this, hers thrives in pots in a window rather than outside by a boggy area. That's my Mom's green thumb prevailing! She has always shared starters of her plants with me and my sister over the years. We always "wrote off" her starters because they were always tiny little sprigs of a plant, which sometimes take years to reach a decent size. For someone who loves gardening as much as I do, I am short on patience. I am the type who wants a full mature garden instantly..the day I plant it. I look out everyday to see if the little plants that came out of a one inch cube are now lush and overgrown. I buy the biggest plants I can afford rather then wait a few extra weeks..they always seem the same size if you just save your money and wait patiently for a few more weeks. But the most rewarding of the two is the one you wait for. The one that takes forever to have its first bloom. I have had this small pot of her Walking Iris since I got my divorce and moved into my own home. This is its first bloom. It is a tiny bloom, but magnificent in detail. And there are two more buds, patiently waiting to make an appearance. Patience.


Anonymous said...

Wow, whata gorgeous flower. I ave a hard time with that too - I want it all completed yesterday!

Coll said...

How beautiful!! I don't think I have ever seen this particular Iris. It almost looks porcelain in the photo. I have an Iris patch at the back of my yard. When I see it frist start to sprout in the spring (not yet) I really know we are on our way. Can hardly wait.