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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Project

This was my weekend project...one I have wanted to do since I moved into this house a yea and a half ago. The problem was there was no power in the back yard and i just didn't like the idea of running extension cords under the deck. So a few days ago L put in an outdoor outlet and somehow made there it live with power...now I can plug in mt lights on my umbrella and I finally got to set up my fountain. My Mom gave me this fountain as a house warming present for the first house I ever bought. It got married with me and
traveled to a new house and got divorced with me and traveled to this house. I love the sound of the trickle of water. It is relaxing and the birds love to drink out of it.
Below is a close up, so you can see that he isn't peeing, but holding a fish by the tail...the fish spits the water out. His leg is cracked and I am afraid he won't hold together much longer. But I love having it in my new garden and in whatever condition, he will always be a part of my home...wherever that may be.


citizen of the world said...

It's important to have things that nove with you to provide soem sense of continuity and "home." I like the caladium under the fountain.

kats said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Pat. I'm not feeling miserable with work - I actually love my job, but I've been feeling beyond my limit with office issues. It's sad because I really don't want to leave, but I guess there is some point when you can't do it anymore. I exchanged some emails with my boss and should have a hard day today - that hopefully will end well.

Your posting made me remember my teddy bear. Silly thing, but when I decided to get divorced from my ex husband, my cousin gave me a Saks Fifth Avenue bear to remind me that I should always follow my heart and that I would never be alone. And, no matter what I was doing and who I was with, having that bear made me remember who I am.

Coll said...

Love the water fountain. I too have been entertaining the idea of placing one in my yard. I love the idea that the birds will enjoy it. But I too have the electrical problem.