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Monday, March 3, 2008

40. That he fixed my lawn mower

Last year, my Mom gave me her lawn mower. It was almost new, top of the line and pricey as mowers go. She is 83, can run circles around me and loves to work in her yard. But,we decided she was too old to handle a mower, and hired her a lawn guy. So I inherited the mower for my newly acquired little house following my divorce. The mower was as advanced as a car; only problem was I couldn't start it. My ex worked on it a few times and got it so we could run it a little. Enough to get through last summer...part of it anyway.Since then it has sat in my garage, mocking me every time I walked by, laughing that it didn't have to actually do any work.
Every so often, I would give the starter a yank, but...it wasn't having any of that. It became one of those things that really annoyed me. I needed it and wanted it to start when I needed it! But I also have a battle of the budget going on, so I never seem to have the extra money to take it in to get it looked at. Well this weekend we had beautiful spring weather. I worked on my garden wall ivy which is pictured below. I needed to mow some early weeds that were cropping up. Larry tried one more attempt to get it to run! Lots of paper towels later and the smell of gasoline in the air and the sound of a starting lawn mower was as the happiest sound I have heard in awhile! Finally, finally I have my mower and it makes me so happy...I saved some money and I

have it when I need it ! I looked forward to that trip to the mower shop about like I look forward to a trip to the car mechanic. Step through the door and hear the cha-ching of the cash register; extra charge for being female and knowing nothing about motors! Some jobs are just jobs for men... and motors are one of them !
Now I almost look forward to spring yard work. As soon as my college son gets home for the summer, he has an almost new working lawn mower!!!


Anonymous said...

Good to have some handy around. I know nothing about motors, but I don't think they are a job for men - they just are something I"ve not learned. A year ago I knew nothing about power tools, and now I use them regularly.

pat said...

c now tools I can use readily, but motors...I dunno, I think i have to draw the line somewhere!

Coll said...

My girlfriend and I have a standing joke.. which is better a hubby who is handsome or handy? We both agree we have both. Sounds like you do too. :-)