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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today I Found Joy at My own Front Dooor

There are many things wrong with my house. It needs a lot of updating, it had a totally bare landscape when I moved in, it sits underwater after the least amount rain ...all things which eventually I can improve; at least with a little luck and a lot of money and elbow grease! But each morning, all it takes is a glance at my front door and I remember the things I loved about the house when I bought it. Mostly, that its all mine...and mine to make into whatever I want. A home, a retreat, a studio, a workshop, some days its a refuge, some days its a cave, most days its my hidden garden . But this front door is the door to all these havens...it faces the east and every morning reflects the rising sun off its bevels like a hundred prisms. You can't see them in the photo, but the reds and blues make dancing fairies all over the room as the sun makes its ascent. My house is my home and my joy.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful door. And exactly how I feel about my own home.

Coll said...

I so understand this. My home is also my quiet place, my safe place.
Your front door is very very lovely.